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Millie and Me

Today is Millie’s birthday. She’s two years old. Yesterday was my birthday. Ha! As if I was going to tell how old I am. Besides, nobody is interested my birthday. Not even me.


Millie gets top billing today and every day. She’s a dog, after all, and dogs are better than people. They are easier to love, and they always love you back. At least eight or 10 humans didn’t love me back. But that’s a story for another day.


This is a dog tale. Like all canine chronicles, it is a story of a hero’s journey. But remember, it’s the journey that counts, not the destination.


Some dogs are born heroes. Lassie. Rin Tin Tin.


Some dogs have heroics thrust upon them. Lady. Tramp.


Some dogs have heroism buried deep within. Marley. Millie.




Of “Marley and Me?” 


Yes, Marley, of “Marley and Me,” the book and Jennifer Aniston movie. Despite receiving two copies as gifts, I have no intention of reading the book and I certainly won’t watch the movie. Ever.


I read the 2004 Philadelphia Inquirer column by Marley’s dad, John Grogan, that turned into the book and then the movie “Saying Farewell to a Faithful Friend” when it was first published. Sobbed at my desk for a half of an hour.  I couldn’t tell anyone that I was not crying for myself. I couldn’t talk.


My eyes just welled up right now at the thought of the heartwrenching eulogy for Marley- a mere 10 inches in the newspaper, a long 12 years ago. No way could I survive 320 pages or 120 minutes knowing that the dog dies. Only a fool would subject herself to the torrent of tears guaranteed to ensue.


That’s the problem with stories and films about hero dogs. The dog always dies.


Marley was a hero to her mom and dad, albeit an unconventional hero. A dog doesn’t have to be perfect to save your life. She just has to be.


Millie’s Heroics


Millie came to help Dempsey as he battled lymphoma.

He hated her. She loved him. She prevailed.021





Millie snuggles, I fall asleep. I am an insomniac.014





Millie reminds me when to get a new toothbrush. 24 times so far.


001003001Millie reminds me to turn out lights. 15 times so far.





Millie cleans out her toy box. Daily.003

She also cleans out her own mouth with soap.003



Millie helps open the mail. Weekly. 003


Millie reminds me to vacuum. 5 times a week.002


Millie cleans the windows. And keeps watch. 007003


005Millie leaps across fencing and even a moat. Like Superman. IMG_1698






Millie reminds me to read “O” magazine. Or else.

O Magazine





Millie ensures I can see through the door unobstructed.




Millie reminds me I need toilet paper. 069





Millie helps in the garden. 005




Millie doesn’t want me to go out in the rain. 001





Millie thinks I deserve new furniture. 002013





Millie loves me. That’s heroic enough.

Millie's first weekend 062114 043







Before another one dozen of Millie’s feats of derring-don’t, is getting a name change and attitude adjustment. Let’s face it: being unwed and over 40 ain’t always sweet. Single At this Age$#*!@? will tell it like it is, no BullS**t. Instead, you’ll find more stories (with fewer words) about the day-to-day experiences of a party of one in a society that only invites couples: the fun things we do, weird events we attend, rude people we endure, stupid rules we oughta break, singlist laws they oughta change and lessons we learn the hard way. Life as we know it. 

If there is anything you want to see (or not see) on the, please please please leave a comment below. Suggestions are welcomed and encouraged! If you are interested in writing for Single At This Age$#*!@?, please email me

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