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I Won’t Respect You in the Morning

I won't respect you in the morning


“If I have sex with you, I’ll never see you again.”


“Sure you will. I’m not that kind of guy.”


Isn’t that cute? He thought I was worried he would not respect me the morning after our “third date.”


Nope, bloke, though props for the respect.


My prediction in this situation is based on experience with my own, minimal, post-coital attention span. When you are done, we are DONE.


A meeting of the genitals such as this will short circuit the getting-to-know-you process. Baring your body instead of your soul, or something like that. A shrink might call it a self-defense tactic, physical intimacy swapping places with true connection.


I call it Sex Policy #7— “If I don’t respect you now, I won’t respect you in the morning. And I am ok with that.”


Because when I sleep with someone on the third date, I’m either already bored or about to be.*


If I actually like you, I probably won’t go to bed with you.


At least not until the fourth date.



*Rarely seen mad skills could tempt me back for more, just being honest


What about you? Do you think people stop trying to get to know each other after they have had sex together? Do you believe in the third date rule?

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