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20 Reasons to Believe in the Magic of Christmas

Christmas magic


Thank goodness dogs can’t write to Santa. 


My delightful, smart, perfectly imperfect friend Cathy was on the phone with her husband, in frantic discussion: what to get her children for Christmas.


Her younger son’s letter to the chubby guy is lengthy and specific, albeit with some creative spelling. She’s a lawyer with a keen eye so she didn’t have to check it twice to see everything could be found on-line or in Toys R Us.


Her older son, however, is seven years old. He is fighting the evidence and the bigger kids to hang on to Santa one last time. He had a single item on his Christmas list.




I laughed when Cathy said it; who wouldn’t? But he, and therefore she, was serious. Plus she looked like the ghost of Christmas future showed her a rat-infested nursing home if she didn’t deliver.


I tried to stifle my ho ho hahahaha. “I guess he doesn’t mean like, the ‘Magic of Christmas’ magic?”


She said she didn’t know but sent her husband on a quest for magic hats, tricks and lessons. She thought maybe he wanted to fly.


I suggested Circus school. Flying through the air. She like that, especially since the live performance of Peter Pan was just on television and would be fresh in his mind.


I tried to fly as a tot, inspired by Pixanne– Philadelphia’s version of Peter Pan. Every morning, Pixanne sprinkled Pixie dust and took to the air. I think I could see the wires, even at three. One morning, I went to the top of the stairs, threw some dirt and took a running leap.


No magic. No broken bones either, thankfully.


For grown-ups, the “Magic of Christmas” seems more like being first in line at Best Buy on Black Friday (or Thanksgiving!) than the spirit of joy or visions of sugar plums. Magic is the art of producing a desired effect, so at least according to, retailers are the magicians.


Magic, though, the kind I think Cathy’s son wants, is producing something from nothing, or nothing from something. Conjuring the impossible. Mysterious forces and special powers.


Kind of describes living single, doesn’t it? Even if a single woman can’t snap her fingers and have a marriageable man appear, she can still make magic. She just has to believe.


In herself.


When she does, there is magic all around, all year round.


20 Reasons to Believe in Magic


1. Confidence is magic. It’s the world’s greatest illusion.


2. Magic is going to a Christmas party and not being quizzed about your love life.


3. Magic is your poise and restraint when you are.


4. Magic is when your heart is broken and you get up and go to work anyway.


5. Disappearing boyfriends are clearly black magic.


6. Magic is getting stronger, not older. Being healthy is magic.


7. Magic is puppies and old dogs, together.


8. Chocolate is magic. (Have you ever eaten pre-candy cocoa? Blech.)


9. So are beer and champagne. Adult beverages are called spirits for a reason.


10. Indoor plumbing is magic. Especially if spirits make you levitate.


Love isn’t magic. It’s a miracle.


11. Magic is no matter how bad things are, losing five pounds makes it better.


12. Snow is magic. Twinkling lights when it snows are magic.


13. Singing is magic. A mortal voice turns into a musical instrument and casts a spell.


14. Comfortable high heels are magic but only David Blaine can find a pair.


15. Magic is the transformational power of a new haircut. A true magic hat doesn’t wreck it.


16. Laughter is magic.


17. Magic is smiling at someone, and him smiling back.


18. Despite the millions of attraction potions and conjoining spells marketed to single women, love is not magic. It is a miracle.


19. Seasons are magic. The Eagles football season this year especially.


20. The Magic of Christmas is memories. (Memories magically captured by a digital camera from Best Buy.)


I don’t know what kind of magic Cathy will make for her son but I do know this: a single woman doesn’t need tricks or rabbits, or even letters to Santa, to bring magic to life. She has her charm; the celebration starts when a confident single woman sashays through the door.


Except on Black Friday.

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What kind of magic did you make this year? Leave an incantation in the comments.

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