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If You Want Something Done Right, Make A TV Show

Girl with a gun

“Life doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television.” ― Woody Allen   Last summer, on a medical drama whose own death was premature but predictable, a 20-something woman was admitted to the hospital, bewildering doctors with her mysterious symptoms. Not me.     What took a team of neurologists and psychiatrists an hour-  a week in TV time – to diagnose, I nailed within five minutes.     “She has narcolepsy!”     This was one of the rare times something from my real life appeared on television.  My father is a narcoleptic. When I was a kid, the character’s strange behavior-- hallucinating and passing out a dozen times a day-- was normal in my house, even boring.     Note that this flash of my life before my eyes had nothing to do with me...

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