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Father Knows Best? My 2 1/2 Dads Think I Should be Single

Happy Fathers Day



My 2½ Dads think I should be single.



Big Daddy, the Big Big Daddy and Father Bob apparently all agree.



Big Daddy’s Big Idea



Big Daddy arrived on scene about four days after what would turn out to be my final, soul-crushing, head-exploding, life-shattering break-up.



When you are 40, not one syllable of those words exaggerates the impact of a broken heart.



You are terrified that he was your last shot, that no one will ever love you again and that you will die alone and be post-mortem pet food before any notices you are missing.



You dissect yourself in front of friends and family (again) maybe you did this when you should have done that, or said this instead of that, or were too picky or too bitchy or too independent or too dependent or or or or….



They respond with what is the 100%, absolute, swear on the bible truth: it was not you.

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