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50 Secrets, Surprises and Confessions about Single Women and the Sweet Side of 40

What we can live with, what we can’t live without and what’s up with that?

1) Your house is cleaner when you take off your glasses.

2) Cheese is dinner and cereal is any meal.

3) People you’ve known the longest don’t love you the most.

4) Friends are more important than lovers. 

5) It’s OK if you don’t know everything. Fortunately, you do.

6) French lingerie can be worn daily. I’d say should but #7.

7) All your “should-do’s” should be health related. Everything else should be “want-to-do’s.”

8) Estee Lauder, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown are modern day saints.

9) People think you are smarter. Also, #33. 

What Single Women Over 40 Really Want in Bed (Batteries included)

Do you know what women want in bed?

If you are a single woman on the Sweet Side of 40, chances are you do. Chances are you are intimately familiar with your body- and not just the effects of gravity. By the time a Big “0” birthday comes around, a woman knows her own O’s.

We know what we need, how we like to feel and when to move a little to the left. We know if we are too tired and when we need assistance from personal electronics. Our nightstands are as well-stocked as a hotel min-bar, minus the tiny bottles. (Or not.)

We mostly keep the secrets of what we want between the sheets within the sisterhood. Women discuss performance issues and bodily measurements—his, not hers—at greater length and in greater detail than the worst locker room talk imaginable.

The difference between the girl-talk and guy-talk is, we aren’t bragging. Well, maybe sometimes, for “educational” purposes. Usually, we are intrigued and eager to hear who did what to whom and where it ended up. We warn each other of Carlos Danger-types. We applaud every “oh my god.”

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