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The Bio of Beth

Everyone is born single.

Somehow, though, and much sooner than you think, this completely natural state becomes unnatural for females and too many of us press pause to wait for our “real” life to start: when we get married.

Back to being born. I am the youngest of four. My siblings all have brown hair and brown eyes, they were all born in the same month and in the same decade. Me? None of the above. I’ve been different since day one. I’m still not used to it.

In roughly chronological order:

Native Single. “I’m on the right track, I was born this way.” (TOH Lady Gaga)

K-12 Catholic school girl. I had a nun who also taught my grandmother.

Aunt, at 12. And again at 13.

Philly sports fan. Dad took me to my first Eagles game when I was in 8th grade.

Extremely-Long-Titled-Award Winning Writer. In high school. Also salutatorian.

Supermarket Cashier. United Food and Commercial Worker.

University of Delaware Grad. BA in Communications and Poli Sci. Only person ever to get a job using both.

Political staffer. Caseworker for veterans then assistant press secretary for reporters.

Motherless daughter. You never get over it, you just get used to it.

Daughter redux. Dad brought a fun and delightful Step-Mother into my life.

City Councilwoman by night, PR Person by day. Same thing, really.

Lobbyist. Like every other ex-pol.

Silva Life Systems Basic Seminar-ian. Meditation cures my migraines and other ailments, physical or emotional.

Self-employed Telecom Consultant. Ask me what “The Cloud” is.

Resident of Philadelphia > Newark > Wilmington > Washington > Wilmington > Chicago > Philadelphia.

Stand-up student at Zanie’s Comedy Club. Sat down. The instructor didn’t think I was funny. You be the judge.

Great Aunt. Literally. And figuratively, IMHO.

Voice Over training at Columbia. College. In Chicago.

Boxer lover/mother. The dogs, not the sport. In order of appearance Bonnie, Quincy, Maxie, Sammy, George Foreman VI, Laila, Dempsey and the newest edition, Millie, the Million Dollar Baby.

In addition to the education of my youth,

(insert hard knocks joke here)

I earned a Business Coaching Certificate from Temple University in 2012 and graduated from  Coach U in 2014.

Life waits for no man.

Everybody else is waiting for you.

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