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Are You the Best Supporting Actress to Everyone in Your Life?

and the emmy goes to


And the Award for Best Supporting Actress goes to….. YOU!



You, because as a single woman, you are the best of the best at being supportive to the cast of characters you have in your life.



Whether it’s the drama queen or crazy be-atch you hang out with, the weird uncle you get stuck with, the fun aunt you travel with…. the nosy neighbor, long-suffering parent, work husband, childhood pal, incompetent boss or irritating coworker…



You listen. You ask questions. You give solicited advice or simple encouragement. You applaud, you bail out, you bite your tongue.



You help.  You show up.



You don’t expect an award, though a gold statue might look good on your mantel.

Father Knows Best? My 2 1/2 Dads Think I Should be Single

Happy Fathers Day



My 2½ Dads think I should be single.



Big Daddy, the Big Big Daddy and Father Bob apparently all agree.



Big Daddy’s Big Idea



Big Daddy arrived on scene about four days after what would turn out to be my final, soul-crushing, head-exploding, life-shattering break-up.



When you are 40, not one syllable of those words exaggerates the impact of a broken heart.



You are terrified that he was your last shot, that no one will ever love you again and that you will die alone and be post-mortem pet food before any notices you are missing.



You dissect yourself in front of friends and family (again) maybe you did this when you should have done that, or said this instead of that, or were too picky or too bitchy or too independent or too dependent or or or or….



They respond with what is the 100%, absolute, swear on the bible truth: it was not you.

If You Don’t Have One of These Enemies You Are Doing Something Wrong

enemies a love story


Do you have a good old fashioned enemy? A dance on her grave, spit in his soup full-blown enemy?



Don’t be shy. Is there a person you really, really hate, with every fiber of your being, and you are beyond certain the world would be a better place without him or her in it?



Do you despise her perfect peaches and cream complexion? Is his gravelly voice an assault on your ears? Does your hair stand on end at the mention of her name? Does it take superhuman effort to stop your eyes from rolling when he brings up his latest brilliant idea?



Congratulations, you lucky duck.

1 Question Every Single Woman Should Answer for Herself– Not Everybody Else

Single women should answer the question for themselves, not everybody else.


“So, are you dating?”



Ugh. How loud do you groan when you hear that question? Do you route a path to the nearest exit or scan the area for objects you can use as a weapon or a shield?



To a bystander, the inquiry might seem like friendly, idle chit chat.  The problem with idle chit chat about dating is you can never be sure whether the idle will turn into The Inquisition.



You remember The Inquisition, right? That’s where fun-loving religious leaders tortured the heretics who did not adhere to their rituals and beliefs.



Kind of like being single in a marriage-first-last-always society.



Unless the asker is a stranger, it’s obvious, to you anyway, that he or she really wants know whether or not you are in a relationship and why are you still single???



The question itself, however, is like the riddle of the Sphinx, if the Sphinx was not the site of virgin sacrifices. Any answer can be right or wrong, depending on the person and the place.

The 7 Friends Every Single Woman Needs


“That’s the thing about friendship;

it’s a lot rarer than love, because there is nothing in it for anybody.”

Owen Wilson, in “Are You Here”



Friendship is mind-blowing.



Think about it: your friends willingly and voluntarily provide you with a near-endless supply of love and support.



Solely for the pleasure of your company.



And you do the same for them. Willingly and voluntarily. No quid pro quo.



The Hand that Rocks the Cradle is the Hand that Rules the Remote

my mother myself


Last week, you voted for your favorite heroine for our “Let’s Make a TV Show” project. By a very close margin, Rachel Dennis, IT security phenom and CEO of her own company, beat out Dr. Faith Goodacre, family therapist who doesn’t believe in marriage.


Show Genre: Drama/Mystery

Heroine: Rachel Dennis, CEO

Concept: Rachel developed an algorithm to enable dynamic authentication for commenters on websites while in college. She founded and continues to run a network security company that provides credentialing and certification cloud-based services. To date, none of her solutions has been penetrated. Realizing this unblemished record is statically impossible, Rachel quietly examines her own business and finds some troubling patterns, all while keeping her clients happy and competition at bay.


The next step in the project, at least according to the internet, is developing Rachel’s backstory. Before even what she looks like, we need to know the people closest to her. Since this is, we are not giving Rachel a spouse. But what about a mom?


 We will be adding friends and other influential people to Rachel’s life next week but in honor of Mother’s Day, and in recognition of that ‘the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world,’ let’s figure out the mother-daughter dynamic—if there is one. 

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Carrie Bradshaw had a mother. We know this about the stylish Sex and the City star because, twice in seven seasons and two movies, Carrie pondered her father deserting her mother and herself when she was five years old. What was the impact and was it why she remained unmarried?



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