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29 Things I Did Not Do Last Weekend

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Screw the To Do List.


That’s my motto, or it would be if I made To Do Lists. Because guess what:


To Do Lists are not legally binding.


However, they are enforceable.


Just ask any woman who has another adult living under her roof. Especially a life partner. Non-performance may result in evil stares, passive aggressive grunts or under-the-breath invective spewing.


Should her other head-of-household remain out of compliance with To Do obligations- obligations which are literally spelled out in black and white –his or her personal property is at risk of destruction, and divorce becomes a distinct possibility.


That my friends, is why living alone is the best.


The B.E.S.T best.

The Single Suckiest Part About Being Single

Being single sucks


If you have been single since you were born, or divorced for about 15 minutes, you know a thing or two about the lifestyle, like:



Being Single Doesn’t Suck.



But parts of it do.



Because parts of everything suck; clearly, parts of being coupled suck. Dealing with another person day in and day out, year in and year out, with only the promise of death part can be mighty sucky.

The Joys of Not Dating: 15 Side Benefits of Staying Home More Often

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Are you dating?



Did your answer start with, “Uh…?” It’s a tougher question than we think, tougher (though no less rude) than “are you dating anyone special?” I know I hem and haw when someone asks if I am dating– mainly because the definition of dating is confusing and can make a girl feel bad.



For example, does dating mean anything other than married, engaged or co-habitating? Or is dating having a semi-significant other you see most Saturday nights? Is it having a first date on the calendar?



Shouldn’t intention be part of the definition, or at least the question: Do you WANT to date? Is dating your goal? Then, dating might be actively searching for a companion, seeking fix-ups and generally doing what we do to attract a paramour, whether or not the hoped-for dinner, movie and fireworks result.



Being brave enough to set up a, or profile surely counts as a “yes, I am dating.” Suffering through nine thousand eHarmony questions shouldn’t lead to the further torment of being reminded, in public, that your efforts have not yet been rewarded.


(It’s not my fault computers don’t “get me.”)


10 Monumental Decisions Every Single Woman Must Make Every Day

Single women make all the decisions

  Single women make dozens of critical decisions every day, starting with whether not to resist the urge to stay in bed. Maybe even earlier- like at 2:30 AM. Same decision, different urge.   Married women face some of the same choices but the stakes are not as high as for singles. They don’t worry about getting un-single and they have a Plan B for money matters (a spouse). Plus, isn’t one of the great joys of marriage not having to care about your appearance?   Singles, on the other hand, are left on their own to sort through dichotomous options which lead to vastly different outcomes, alternatively awful or awesome. We pick what we feel best serves our needs in the moment and for...

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Happy Birthday to All the Single Ladies

“All the single ladies, now put your hands up. Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.”   Beyonce     All the single ladies woke me up this morning. The tune, not the 30 million American women who are Single on the Sweet Side of 40.   My house is too small for that many guests.   As far as songs go, though, Queen B’s anthem beats “Happy Birthday.” Unless it’s your birthday.   Or your website’s birthday. turns one today.   (The crowd goes wild.)   “All the Single Ladies” made it easier today, but you and 29,999,999 other ladies gave me a reason to get out of bed every day for the last year. You are on my mind as soon as I wake up (and start worrying).   Birthdays are a time...

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