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40+ Reasons Single Women 40+ Are God’s Gift to the World

Earth Anger


If you are lucky enough to have a single woman over 40 in your life, you are lucky enough.


She is God’s Gift to the World.


Yes, the single woman 40, 50 or 60+ you know and love was sent to you from on high. She graces the earth and your very existence, to assist with anxieties; to help with habits, good and bad; to lend a hand, an ear or a not-insignificant sum of money.


Native single, divorced or widowed, it doesn’t matter. You can count on her. (Ironic since half the time she doesn’t count because she is not half a couple. But back to me her.)


Someone you know, (you?) is counting on a single woman on the Sweet Side of 40 right now. Someone is happy to see her, hear her voice or read her message.


Someone needs her help with a mess, someone needs her cocktail dress, someone needs her to reduce their stress.


(Someone wishes she would stop reading “Oh the Places You’ll Go.”)


A sibling in a tight spot is texting an SOS.


A single bff is confessing last night’s sins or bragging about staying home and going to bed early.


A married bff is looking forward to losing large chunks of time and pride on their semi-annual Girls’ Night Out.


Her slightly younger* friends model their roll after hers. (*Legal drinking age in the country du jour)


She makes the occasion special just by showing up—she is “company.” She sashays through the door (or trips up the stairs) and the collective mood elevates. She crosses the threshhold (or trips down the stairs) and the crowd perks up.


She has a story for every occasion and a smile for everyday people.


She is all that and a bag of chips. And that’s not even the good stuff.


When God invented the first single woman over 40, she knew what she was doing.
The world would fall apart without us.

How My 9′ by 3′ Office is Changing My Life

Reinventing yourself

I write from my favorite place in the world, my couch.

It’s cozy and deep, with room for four pillows, two dogs and two adults.

Don’t tell anyone (though you’d have to be headless not to notice) my couch has magnetic powers that require you to pull out your inner contortionist to get fully horizontal.  It’s great for productivity.

You see,  my empire is HQ’d here- my 9′ by 3′ office, in my 15′ by 40′ house.  The couch is huge (see above) and comfortable (also see above).

My real office is in my basement and is substantially larger- an entire story of the house.

Who can work in a cellar unrelated to wine?

God, grant me the chance to prove money won’t change me


God, please grant me the opportunity to prove winning the lottery won’t change me.

Would I be noble? Would I hop on a plane? Would I tell anyone?

My lottery fantasies always involve real-estate.

Not as in, a dream property on a beach in the South of France (though, now that I mention it…)

Happy Birthday to Single and the Sweet Side of 40: A birth, a death and the whole half story

October 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Single and the Sweet Side of 40. Welcome to the blogosphere.

Launching a new website on a mid-autumn Thursday is not an obvious move. An optimist (not me) or PR Pro (formerly me) might focus on the slow-news-day aspect; it should be easier to get the story out.

A logical person, a data analyst or a business strategist might try to rule the day with facts and pie charts. Clearly, not, not, not me.

Me? Why did I decide this blog should be born October 24, 2013?

It’s my half-birthday, of course. Who could resist starting a website for single people on a day that is special for being half of something? Not me, because in a world where “whole” is only possible by joining two halves, single women have a bigger PR problem than a blog born under Scorpio.

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