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As Seen On TV– Or Not

69% of homicide victims on tv are single women


“What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons.” Don Draper



You’d have to be headless not to know that what we see on TV influences our attitudes and behaviors.



That’s kind of the point.



Why are soap operas called soap operas? Right. You get the picture.



How about the picture you don’t get, literally? What we don’t see on TV is just as persuasive as what we do.



The media re-enforces dominant cultural expectations. Emphasis on enforce. Common sense tells you that. So do countless studies.



Which explains the current and, hopefully, on-going focus on the lack of good role models for girls on screens small and large.



“If she can see it, she can be it.” Geena Davis

There’s No Easter Bunny Either, Charlie Brown

There's no easter bunny

    Do you remember “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and how the Peanuts gang compared treats after every house they visited? Candy, gum, pennies, and…   “I got a rock.”   I know how you feel, Charlie Brown. Except I got soap.  You were right, there is no Great Pumpkin. I found out the hard way there’s no Easter Bunny either.   Charlie Brown was a good brother. He was overjoyed when his baby sister came along, protected her when he could and let her learn lessons the hard way when necessary. I’ll stop there with the Charlie Brown comparison, before we get into the lovable loser with no charm or athletic skills.   I don’t know if this is true for every single woman but “sister” is...

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Reality Sucks for Married People Too

Reality TV is not real


Reality sucks.



Especially Reality TV.



No spoiler alert necessary, especially for singles. But here’s a new plot twist: reality sucks for married people now too.  A&E, the network that brought you three different wars, Parking, Storage and Shipping, takes on the home front, and Bravo’s newest Housewives are newlyweds.



Cue evil laughter.

7 Ways for a Sofa Socialista to Make a Great Second Impression

virtual socializing


Hell froze over.



You generated enough enthusiasm to shower and primp. You found clothes that didn’t cut off circulation to your extremities and were appropriate for the occasion



You ventured forth from your humble abode, leaving your safe space and your favorite spot in all the world: your sofa.



Maybe it was a conference where you bonded with a compadre over icicles in the meeting room and the line for the only ladies room.



Or a party where you found a partner to “guard” the dessert tray with you.



Or the coffee shop, the market, the bar, where you finally felt together enough to speak to the people you see everywhere, all the time.



You went, you saw, you conquered-ish.

5 WTF Trends I Checked Out For You. You’re Welcome.

Vaginal Steaming? Oh No



Before you ask, these are all real things that real Americans do. Nothing here is fictitious. Names have not been changed to protect the ridiculous.



I took five for the team.



Ok, not all of these trends are completely ridiculous, and only one or two will result in bodily injury. However, the location and self-inflicted nature of such injuries might require explanation or hibernation, until the affects heal, fade or both.



Despite their label, fads tend to be more flash in the pan than herald of change. New fashions or movements or diets that are good for you endure, like dark chocolate, or resurrect, like reverse bobs. The rest are gone faster than you can say Kardashian. We can all ignore them with impunity.



Fortunately, trendsetting is the domain of the too cool, too young, too dumb or too poor. Tattoos? Shredded jeans? Designer drugs? Grown-ups prefer artwork on walls, shredded wheat and medicine from CVS.



On the Sweet Side of 40, you want to watch and decide whether or not to adopt the latest craze, instead of going crazy keeping up with the people who keep up with those Kardashians. After all, trendy behavior, well executed, can make you simultaneously stand out and fit in.



You just like to be sure any new holes in your head, morsels in your mouth or clothing on your back is a better idea than wearing Reeboks and a Mohawk to prom.



Read on, sweet friend, and decide for yourself. I’m pretty sure you will thank me when you’re done.

5 Easy & Fun Ways to Socialize– Without Leaving Your Sofa

Socialize without leaving your sofa


Don’t believe the hype. Staying single doesn’t make you any more or less happy, healthy or wise than getting married.



(Wealthy, however, is an entirely different story.)



In fact, research shows staying single and staying married are equally positive. Where there is a difference, always single people tend to come out on top. Like we are nine pounds thinner than our married counterparts.



Nine pounds is a big win. Just saying.



Research also shows that the happier and healthier among us have a variety of relationships.



Friends are even more important to long-term well-being than children.



Connection is hard-coded into our DNA. Before marriage was ever invented, isolation was lethal. Cave Bears formed clans, not couples.



But if we want to connect, we have to get off the couch and out of our woman caves.



Well doesn’t that suck.



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